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Have you noticed that your sector projects the same certain image? No matter how it is, but probably your competitor's brand image and yours have a lot in common. All of them are similar and make it difficult to distinguish yours from the others. It's time for you to make something different. We are specialists in making brand have an impact with something original and profitable. Something that it's yet to be thought and that will be made pretty soon.

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If you want to make a real impact, let us set foot on the stage. Dare to test us with only one song. We will bring our guitars and turn up the volume to the maximum. It's time to mess it up, we are going to shake you up. Fucking Rock & Roll Advertising!

Hey go, let’s go! Do you dare?
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It doesn't mean anything and neither is a browser error. It's just a neat pause before the next slogan that will try to convince you that we are the advertising agency you are looking for.

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We are supercampaigners! We get supercampaigns through research, reflection, audacity, boldness, freshness, daring, storytelling, electricity, rebelliousness but also with discipline, order, execution and daily follow ups.

Indeed, we are not the only ones thinking this way, our giraffe Jaimita agrees with us.

Create a supercampaign now!


High creative performance headquarters

We use the word "agency", but we think of ourselves as a "CIC", a Creative Intelligence Head Office, or as our engineers say: High Creative Performance Headquarters. Something like CIA of Advertising. Our creative profiles are as much original as their ideas: psychologists, sociologists, publicists, philologists, engineers, designers, economists, photographers, journalists, architects and musicians. When we gather together to think we came up with ground-breaking ideas.

A team intensely trained which has developed hundreds of successful creative actions for companies as:

  • - Entrepreneur
  • - Big corporations
  • - SME
  • - Multinational companies
Central Creativa
  • entertainment:

    PlayStation, Warner Bros, Disney
  • motor:

    BMW, Ferrari Land, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Harley Davidson
  • bank:

    MasterCard, Banco Mediolanum, Caixabank
  • tech:

    Hewlett Packard, Intel, Telefónica, Orange
  • fashion:

    Adidas, Munich, Inditex, Stradivarius, Reebok
  • sports:

    Futbol Club Barcelona, Fiba, Technogym
  • food:

    Cinco Jotas, Nestle, McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Sprite, Bombones Merci, Pepsico
  • health:

    Bayer, Hartmann, Novartis
  • beauty:

    San Remo, Astor, Rimmel London
  • insurance:

    FIATC, Arag
  • education:

    EAE, ESART, UPC University of Catalonia, DEUSTO, CEAC
  • horeca:

    Hoteles Catalonia, Acta Hotels, Mimic Hotel, Casa Gracia, The Streets Aparments
  • others:

    Sotheby’s, Grupo Planeta, Gas Natural, Infojobs, Selenta
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    28001 Madrid


    Gran Vía 19
    17004 Girona

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    Joaquim pla i cargol 1, 2N
    48001 Bilbao, Bizkaia


    Libertad 860, 5º-E
    C1012AAR Buenos Aires


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